About SIEGE™

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

SIEGE™ is a family business dedicated to providing the finest earth friendly cleaning and polishing products. We use natural and environmentally friendly cleaning agents that won’t pose a risk to our family, our customers or the future of our planet. All cleaning products manufactured by SIEGE™ are ideal for commercial and industrial cleaning, janitorial cleaning supply and house cleaners.

SIEGE™ environmentally friendly cleaners and polishing solutions are safe, high performance, and competitively priced.

When it comes to “green cleaning,” SIEGE™ tops the list for using environmentally friendly cleaners. SIEGE™ is dedicated to providing you with a line of household and industrial products that are designed to be effective and powerful, while at the same time being gentle on you and our environment.

SIEGE™ Commitment

SIEGE™ was created in 1996 by principals with decades of experience in consumer products who saw the opportunity to add originality, efficiency, and environmental awareness to the household cleaning product category. The company was founded on, and maintains today, the following core philosophy: Make original products that address the market’s needs; use only the finest quality ingredients; manufacture in the USA; and be environmentally friendly.

“Our Cleaners Work Better™” because we take cleaning seriously. SIEGE™ manufactures an excellent line of commercial and household cleaning products that are environmentally safe. With more than a decade of experience we manufacture a complete product line of environmentally friendly cleaning products. Each cleaner is specifically formulated by our in-house chemists to address the material it is designed to clean. The compounds are created to make cleaning easier, quicker, safe for the consumer to use and safe for the environment. That’s why nearly all of our products are 100% biodegradable and non-toxic. Our products are made with naturally derived detergents and natural ingredients that biodegrade rapidly and are non-toxic both to humans and animals.

And our core philosophy now transcends the cleaning category. Whether it’s our patented sachets and scent generators, our unique brushes, or any of our other products, our customers can always rely on our overwhelming focus on providing renewable, phosphate-free, and biodegradable cleaning products that work and are safe for the environment and human use.

For provinding thousands of man-hours of rewarding, fulfilling work to the special needs individuals at Prospectus Berco, SIEGE™ was honored to receive from the Senate of Pennsylvania an award of ackowledgement.